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My Love My Life (Johnny Depp Love Story)

Hi I'm Lucy Downey I'm nineteen soon to be twenty and I'm the daughter of actor Robert Downey Jr. I'm not like most girls I love motorcycles dirt bikes ATV's BMX's and fast cars. I also love skateboards and boosted skateboards. I love sports especially basketball I like the team the golden state warriors my favourite basketball play is Steph Curry. I also love american football my favourite team is the New England Patriots and my favourite player is Tom Brady. I have a boyfriend he's an actor and his name is Johnny Depp yes he's a famous actor. When we first got together people said that we wouldn't last and that Johnny would cheat on me the first chance he got that was nearly two years ago well two years on my twentieth birthday and our relationship is stronger than ever. Johnny's been away recently filming and promoting his new movie I miss him like crazy yeah we talk text and facetime everyday but it's not the same as talking face to face with him seeing his smile light up the room feeling his touch and kiss. So what happens when it's the day my high school breaks up for the summer break and Johnny surprises me by returning home. That night he surprises me with a trip away for the summer I can't believe it I get to spend the summer alone with Johnny without my parents disturbing us.

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