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A Love To Last (DWEIYAH series #1)

DWEIYAH SERIES #1: A LOVE TO LAST is now available on the PSICOM APP! - DWEIYAH SERIES no. 1 Dylan Villarosa: "All my love, I would give for as long as I may live. With a love, true love to last a lifetime." - Meet one of the lead vocalist, [main dancer], of DWEIYAH; Dylan Villarosa. He's a certified playboy and never been serious on his past relationships because of his heartbreak during his highschool days. But what if he found someone that will totally changed his life? An important person in his life that will make him believed in TRUE LOVE.. What if he met his first love? Does this mean his love with her will last for a lifetime? - PUBLISHED ON WATTPAD. username: @iamsashi_ - Started: July 9, 2020 Ended: September 1, 2020

Merryl_Gumafelix ยท Teen
Not enough ratings