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This story follows a kid named Jade and his journey in the beautiful region of Karnia as he follows his dream of becoming a pokemon master while the plot is no way related to the anime or the manga it is a completely new system this novel's full of great plots, great characters, great evil, great design and a great story I will update the story frequently like 1chapter in 2 days sometimes I can post even more but sometimes I might not, like during the exams

OdasakuJade · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
Jade Griffin

Jade Griffin

Jade was 7 when she got superpowers, but at what cost? Now, she is 16 and lives on the streets surviving by stealing and hunting. That’s until she gets caught, but instead of imprisoning her, the police give her a life-changing offer. Now, Jade, Kace, and her pet are on an endless mission to rid United City of the evil that prevails it.

Zyfer_Designs · Fantasy
Not enough ratings