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La Leyenda del ultimo saiyajin

cuando piensas que lo has perdido todo siempre debes encontrar la chispa de esperanza en cada ser aun cuando estos mueren cerca de ti

DrawArt · Historia
Not enough ratings

Journey To The East

watch as Izuku Midoriya the next Jaecheondaesong or other wise known as Sun Wukong travel to the east and meets friends , masters and love interest along with fighting gods even Tathagata also known as Buddha Journey To The East is a non profit fan base parody please support the original release Journey To The East is a Parody of 西遊記 Other Wise Known By Non Chinese People As Journey To The West. Journey To The East is also a Parody of God Of Highschool otherwise known as the popular Korean manwha that translated into English and many other languages the manwha or otherwise known as comic is on webtoon please support the original release Journey To The East is also a parody of my hero academia otherwise known as BokuNoHeroAcademia please support the original release This is also a #tomoriginal the very first one at that a #tomoriginal is a book made by Tom that doesn't copy or resembles too much of an already existing Wattpad book

TomTheVillian · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

Izuku él inmortal

izuku un niño que tras ser diagnosticado como quirckles es vendido por sus padres a unos sientficos q experimentron con el ................................................continuara

Sebas18_YT · Ciencia ficción
Not enough ratings