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United We Stand MHA

IceHighness_16 · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

Yami the

DISCLAIMER: MHA doesn't belong to me but Kohei Horikoshi This books contains strong language, blood, abuse, depressing topics(self harm, suicide attempts), abandonment If you can't deal with these, don't criticize my book. I gave you a warning. Also there way be homosexual relationships, if you don't like that you can leave as well. ________________ Abandoned at a young age and forced to fend for himself. Izuku Midoriya, a young male striving to help those who aren't. His drive pushing him to train as soon as he was thrown into the streets. The boy had a quirk, a fairly strong one at that. His quirk gave him a wing mutation, four large wings placed on his back. It also gave him shining toxic green eyes and small green feathers under his eyes. He adorned sharper nails and teeth, seeming to be based off a predatorial bird, but instead of a sharp beak, he was given sharp teeth. Follow this young male and his strives to become a strong hero. But as he is unable to attend schools, follow him with the struggle of teaching himself and going through vigorous battles as a vigilante. Where will this story go?

_Starlight_ · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings