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winsetta the school of magic

Twelve teenagers all from different realms compete in a trial to get into a elite school for magic called Winsetta But what they get is an unlikely friendship I know it's nice how we all became friends in the end, but I think it would had been just as fun if we were enemies - Tsuki Charis- The Duchess know it all who gets what she wants Thea- The artist and animal lover who can see the future Celia- The only daughter of the president who's abilities are more than just seducing Tsuki- The loyal protector of Celia who holds a secret from the world that underestimates her Athena- The powerful crown princess who hopes to get away from the royal life Adalyn- A girl who would prefer if she could eat her way out of her problems rather than solve them Odessa- A person who's striving to surpass others and find her happiness Gisele- The girl from a strict home who is hopelessly clueless with what is going on around her Emma- An Avarage girl who goes with the flow of life Noah- A Crown prince who just wants to make friends and carve beautiful creations out of wood Evelyn- The calm and collected lucky charm with a motherly personality Nora- A small kind girl who has the ability to cause massive destruction wherever she goes Updates almost every Wednesday

M_and_A_writes ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings