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Shadow Star ~ Shikamaru x Lucy

Shadow Star ~ Shikamaru x Lucy

Team Natsu and a few others go on a mission to defeat mediocre rouge ninga's at Konoha. After meeting the people there some decide to stay, some decided to go, and some decided to come. Lucy heartfilla being one of the ones to stay. Why Lucy? You may ask (or not), well Lucy started to find interest in the pony-tailed male, Shikamaru Nara and stayed to get to know him a bit. Shikamaru felt the same and also wanted to get to know Lucy. But little did the two know that they were soon to fall in love. P.S.- Lucy is a bit more powerful and stronger in this fanfic. There will be cursing. And Mavis is human not the little ghost thing that we know her as. Also P.S.- This story was published to Wattpad, Don't worry it is my story.

Aoi_Yagi · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings