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Emika The Changing Cat, A Tale of Love and Redemption

Emika The Changing Cat, A Tale of Love and Redemption

That night, long ago, as the rain soaked the ground, he should have turned away instead of foolishly waiting for her! Oh, why did he have to stubbornly wait for her? Their life was now drenched in the colours of both love and blood. That ill-fated night, he kissed her, whereas she thrust the dagger into his chest, clenching tightly the icy white jade hilt and pushing. As Shufeng watch his blood spilling, he was still more bewildered than angered. How could he possibly bear it: killed by the woman he loved? Untold confusion and fear filled his eyes when he simply asked: “Why?" She wanted Shufeng’s brother as the future emperor, and revenge for the death of her family. Crestfallen and heartbroken upon finding out she had been deceived, Emika is willing to sacrifice everything–even at the risk of loosing her human form forever–to find him, be with him and seek forgiveness. A tale packed with sword fights, lies and betrayal, lost love and redemption, court intrigue, crossing world, stolen memories and; a story of a prince fighting back to claim the throne, and a woman changing into a cat.

LaLouette · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings