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Ouroboros [ON GOING]

Ouroboros [ON GOING]

“So, are you ready to face the unknown?" Faricia Myst, a Class C detective agent who solved a bunch of cases since she started working in the second unit for a year. They say she's fierce and unsociable when it comes to work.. But she's kind of the opposite. They say she's one of the best Class C detective, in the unit. However, she sometimes has this proneness to trouble whenever she's on a mission or case. In addition, she never pulled a trigger. Von Collsen, a Class A detective agent. Very skilled and very intelligent, a quick thinker. Well that's expected because he's a "Prodigy Agent". He grew up in the agency and trained to become one of the best detective agents. But this guy is unlike anyone. He's complicated and hard to read. Good thing he has friends though. Jack, Finn, Violet, and Catera. Let's just say thay they started training when they were kids. Together with their knowledge and skills, they face one of the toughest cases yet! And form a new division! "OUROBOROS"

iamfatimavz · Martial Arts
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