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Beyond the Plane

It started out as a mild curiosity. Death always seemed so interesting. To most, they’d think of death, wonder what it would be like to die, and then forget they ever thought about it a few minutes later. For me, I never stopped thinking about it. It turned into a burning passion over the years. In High School, I would read books about near death experiences, researching and comparing stories. After graduating, I didn’t continue my education. I spent the next 15 years researching death, trying to find some kind of proof. All that lead me to was a dead end, and a realization. No one really knows, and this isn’t going to change for a long time. Curiosity took control of me. My parents had died a few years prior, no other family or friends to mourn my death. I decided that I would find out for myself what lies on the other side. It was time to die.

Alekzander_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Just something Casual

In this story you follow Andrew a helpless romantic overthinker who accepts to enter a casual relationship with the girl he loves, but as time passes he finds to be unhappy and wanting more

TheNuver · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings