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Lover X

"Who...?" I ask slowly, looking at the receptionist confused. "Don't tell me you didn't do your research before deciding to intern with us." The woman responds rudely. I blinked, trying to remember the faculty names I had briefly scanned over the night before on their website but nothing came to mind. "Is he important?" I bit my lower lip nervously. The woman rolled her eyes before giving me the most judgmental glare. "He's our CEO. Mr. Lucas King." Fresh out of college, Ana Williams lands a spot as an intern for the summer at Palace Inc., one of the most prestigious luxury hotel chains in New York. Her family had always been well off but for once, she was determined to become successful on her own without her parents' help. However, this internship would be more than what Ana expects; the lies and the secrets— would she be able to get through it all? "Who?" Lucas barely glances up at his secretary and best friend, Danny. "Don't tell me you didn't do your research on your own company's interns." Danny responds almost jokingly. Lucas glares at him with an eyebrow raised before asking, "Are they important?" Danny approaches his desk and places a matte black folder atop of other various papers. Lucas eyes it before taking and opening it, scanning its contents. "She's the new intern. And your fiancé."

passtimex · Teen
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