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Solaris Four: Embers of War Extended Edition

Book 1 of the Solaris Four Chronicles: after escaping an assassination attempt, John Harper is sent on a mission, not knowing his life has been drastically changed. he is captured by a grey species called the Rigelians and is tortured for information. once rescued from that nightmare by the Solarians, John tells Zamos about the Solarian handgun used in the attempt on his life. hiding in plain sight is the main antagonist, a traditionalist Solarian hell bent on stopping any non Solarian from gaining nobility, even if that person shares the same last name! as far as John knows he has no Solarian DNA yet the bald pointy eared Zarroff has his name, Harper. could they be related? will John find the truth before these assassinations lead to war? the Rigelian hitmen become careless and inadvertently kill Zamos' parents in front of her, leaving her the queen of Solaris Four. thousands of light years away, Earth is becoming controlled by the New Nazi Regime, and only a war can hope to fix it. Espionage, conspiracy and intergalactic war blends with a comically silly couple of lovebirds seeking out fun and messy adventures aboard the Entertainment vessel, Ambient Wonder.

NS_Maars ยท Sci-fi
Not enough ratings