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The Mind World And The Outcast Hero

Fueled by a tragic past, Nathan has always aimed to become a hero. However, in reality, he is no more than an average teenager in an average world. Fortunately, on his 16th birthday, Nathan and his two best friends (Sindy and Andrew) are summoned to a world known as The Mind World. Nathan comes to bear the title of The Mind Hero and aims to save as many lives as possible. However, he soon comes to know that the Mind World despises people from The Real World (The world which he is from). The Real World summons dangerous monsters called Demon Beasts which wreak havoc on the unfortunate world. Due to this, many people of the Mind World seek the destruction of the Real World and those who come from it. Now, Nathan and his friends must go through a perilous journey to save both the people of The Mind World and the Real World, battling Demon Beasts, villains, and even Angels and Gods. Follow Nathan through his journey and find out how he solves this terrible crisis. ***** The update schedule is not completely secured, but there is a possibility of 5 chapters per week from Mondays to Fridays. This book is filled with great amounts of action and lovable characters. Read it, and drop a power stone if you like.

Prince_nonchalant ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings