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Once the villain's henchman get's the skript

Synopsis: After faithfully serving the Empire's richest family his entire life as their Hammer, Sir Marcus Tiberius feared by all as 'The Great Titan' started changing ever since a mysterious book called 'A King's Game' one day entered his possession. How much will destiny be change now that a villain's henchman got the skript of what is to come? Disclaimer: - World and Characters inspired by Game of Thrones and Dark Souls. - Technically NO Harem but Three Female Leaders [you get my gist ;)] - No NTR - Shorter Chapters ~1000 Words (sorry) - No editor, so most likely bad grammar and spelling mistake (again I am sorry) -I am not getting paid to write so please don't expect regular updates. - Please, enjoy and if you like leave some Powerstones.

Zibarn ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings