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Corrupt Me

Clarissa Chambers, I am pristine, unblemished by the cruel elements of the world. I am my Mother’s pride and joy, also her burden. I am my best friend’s unrequited love. I am naïve and socially awkward. I am now a Yale student and the world is finally mine to take by storm. I have the freedom and the space to do what I want but what exactly do I want? I have never tasted the outside world without the supervision of an adult…what do I do with all this newfound independence? By the end of my story, I may have wish I had never asked. Stone Maxwell is wild and reckless; Dangerous. Everything I have been warned against, yet I cannot stop myself from feeling drawn to him. Those stormy grey eyes pull me in, and I feel myself drowning under his power. I know that this will not end well, I can feel it in every nerve ending I possess. I just can not free myself from this current of self-destruction. This man will obliterate every pure thing about me, and I tingle with the knowledge that, I will not stop him. ((Corrupt Me is the first book of what will be a continuing series of Clarissa and Stone’s relationship))

MyDarlingRenegade · Teen
Not enough ratings

My Police husband

What will happen when people who are completely opposite are arranged? Like a saying opposite attract. Will the rude, cold and heartless police officer Jeon Jungkook will love a good, kind and innocent girl Choi Y/N? Jungkook who likes hot, sexy, savage and badass girls. Will he love Y/N? Y/N who like soft and caring guys. Will love Jeon Jungkook? Will Y/N change Jungkook? Wanna know than read this story... A playboy police officer and a innocent girl...

370Jungkook · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I am a Daddy of 3

I Heathe Lorenzo Ratliff need to choose. Is it my dream of finally debuting and becoming an Idol? Or choose her my fiancé Kateline Roberts and we'll live happily ever after? "I wasn't brave enough and was so selfish that time and decided to let her go"

Shannen_Garcia · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings