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Demon’s Inescapable Emptiness

Pietro Vitale, a serial killer with tens of victims finally pays for his sins. While torturing his latest victim, a divorced grandma with no contact with her children the police show up. It seems he made a mistake with his last victim and left some important evidence. Bleeding out and dying he finds peace. So nice, he thinks. Suddenly, he finds himself refreshed and in a new hell like world. Followed by the one person he regrets killing he walks the cursed lands of hell stuck in an eternal state of emptiness of regret. Will he ever repent? How will he bear the weight of his sins as his greatest regret reminds him of his life. Will he ever find peace? What happened when he has payed for his sins. Read to find out. •Please note that this is a work of fiction and any relation to real life is purely coincidence. All characters have been made up as well as the actions they committed while living. Please expect heavy gore with mentions of murder and child abuse. For those who cannot handle said topics I recommend you stay away. Thank you for reading if you decide to after checking the synopses.

SurpriseToiletSnek · Fantasy
Not enough ratings