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King of Gods and Immortals

King of Gods and Immortals

Author's Note: Don't be deterred by NTR tag, try it first before giving out your impression! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Synopsis: The protagonist was reborn as Gilgamesh in Nasuverse. Moreover, he was also a cultivator! Follow his story as he climbed up to the apex to be the King of Gods and Immortals and collect all waifus for himself! • Update Schedule: At least, 1 chapter/week • Copyright Disclaimer: All Official Materials belong to their respective owner. ★ Support ★ If you enjoy this story, please consider supporting what I do. 1) Patreon.com/CommonNEET 2) Ko-fi.com/commonneet 3) Paypal.me/commonneet THANK YOU FOR READING THIS!

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