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PURAW (Ang Gwapong Mangyan) *ongoing*

Paano kapag na-inlove ka sa taong sinasabihan nilang may buntot? Maitim? Kulot? Pango? At nagnganganga? Magagawa mo pa rin bang sundin ang nararamdaman mo? Paano kung kabaliktaran nun ang lahat ng deskripisyon sa taas? Magmamahal ka pa rin ba ng isang MANGYAN? GWAPONG MANGYAN???

Aiferous · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Bad Moon Rising

Blue Moon has a secret she must keep from others, lest she risk her kind becoming extinct. not only is she a werewolf, she is also an indigenous Canadian, descended from the first peoples who have lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years before Europeans came to Turtle Island (Now known as North America). Her whole world changes when she meets a whole new kind of 'tribe', the traveling, hitchhikers and train hoppers of North America. Blue becomes captivated by the free spirits she meets and before she knows it, she has a hiking bag packed and ready to go. Blue experiences both freedom and hardship, maybe even love, as she also struggles to keep her true identity as a werewolf hidden. will she survive the hardships of the road? or will she end up with a broken heart and a bus ticket home?

Alex_Brothers · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings