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Ethiopian Princess

This story is also to teach others the truth that God still loves you even if you were conceived of rape, outside of wedlock, born outside of wedlock, incest, adultery (Father cheated on wife with your mom and conceived you, or mother cheated on father with your dad and conceived you) and you are all worthy of good things and that you can be great in life. It was none of you guys fault, you guys are still priceless, and valuable. They still deserve great things. Incest, rape, adultery, etc. All those are the things aren't really good things to do, but you aren't a bad thing. You are worth more than precious jewels, and metals. I & God AKA Jesus Christ Loves you very, very much. After 3 hours of riding back to the south, she fell asleep. After 14 days of riding to the south, she met a couple of Dakota Indians as they called them, they were quite nice, but one was rude and one of them was weary. "Do you want water?" she says to the weary one, and pulls out some water from her bag and gives it to him. He takes it and walks away from her in fear. She was confused and asked one of the other ones what was wrong, he responded in his language "I don't know what you are saying." She was confused and didn't know what he was saying, so, she used her hands and tried to point at him in a way that it was as if she was asking the same question, but with her hands. She didn't do it correctly, and he didn't know that she was asking. "I tried to point in a way he'd know that I was asking the question, but I think he's confused," she says as he scrunches his face up in confusion at her words. "Don't worry, Madam, they're just Indians." The white guy riding and driving the horse-driven carriage says to her boldly and disdainfully. "But, I want him to know, and what does that mean?" She says in Ethiopian (Amharic) which is "gini ፣ isuni inidīyawik’i ifeligalehu ፣ ina ya maleti mini maleti newi?" "How are you so good at English, Madam?" he says to her in a bold and questioning manner, "My husband taught me." She says in glee and then looks at the native-Americans, again. "You know they're language?" She asks in glee, "Yeah, I was a translator." he says in boredom. "What happened?" she asks, "I quit," he says in boldness. "Well, do your old job." She says, "I don't want to." he says, "DO IT," she says, and he translates her words to their language. She was an Isreali Ethiopian with very dark skin, and very beautiful. "They are from the Yankton Sioux Tribe." The white guy says, "I know, I translated for them." he says to her in boredom. "Am I boring you, sir?" She says in anger, she says "You seem to be always bored!" "It isn't you," he says in Yankton Sioux Tribe language. "What are you talking about?" one of the men asks, confused. The man spoke English, "You let me do all that just to speak English!" Ethi says to him in anger but sort of petty jokey anger. Like annoyance, almost. "Yes, come with me, I'll teach you to speak our language." he says to her, "Oh, I must go to Dakoda, am I there?" White driver: "Almost, ma'am. Just 5 more days and we're there. I hope. A horse can go 55 miles an hour. I hope I don't die as I cannot see the town from here." It is 1890. "Don't worry, we'll get there!" she says in confidence as she pulls herself out the window but only shoulder length out the window.

RedBeeSandAmber2 · Fantasy Romance
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