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The Incomplete Journey

I am Ariel. Some may consider me as an angel, while some think that I am a spirit who controls the five elements of survival, whatever one may take me as, it is up to their will. I have no fixed place or a particular place to call it as mine, as I wander through the streets of every city and town over the world. Once upon a time in one of my journeys I came across a person in India. One might think that India is a narrow minded country which needs development, but what one needs to know is that all the greatest love stories are born here, on this land. I've come across hundreds of people and millions of their stories, but only few caught my attention. This is one such story that made me wonder about all the great stories of lovers across the world. Let's take a round about of Bhuvi and Mahi's story and get to know the greatness I was talking about earlier.

A_N_S_SCRAWLS ยท Contemporary Romance
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