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※ You are mine, only mine All rights reserved ※ He and she fell in Love amid their different culture, different country and different language. He couldn't speak her language and she couldn't speak his . They say communication is one of the foundation of Love but what will they do when they couldn't speak each other language Aurora and Qei Liam were two indivual living there life , carrying the pain caused by the love of their Life. She was crying miles away from him, listening to the scorns and humiliation of the Society , when her childhood fiance ran off on the last day of their wedding. He was living a machine life , with no emotions and smile , when she left him on the wedding Altar during the last seconds of their long- waited marriage. A Talented and god-gifted culinary expert met The CEO of Liam Conglomerate , when she left in the search for her fiance for a closure. But when find her fiance , she had already gotten the closure. How ?...... Lets find Out....

rose108 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings