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Villainess 101: The President's wife is a vengeful devil

Villainess 101: The President's wife is a vengeful devil

"Handsome, we must have met before. Was it in my bed... or was it in yours?" Shera Black asked, sitting on a snake-print sofa. She had her chin rested in her right hand as her left hand twirled a wineglass leisurely. Leo Qin who was standing before her narrowed his gaze. "Are all women so unrestrained these days?" "I don't know about other women." The woman's lips curled into a sinister smirk. "But, you may want to step aside. You are standing on a booby trap." Leo Qin was speechless. This woman stole his heart, and now she set a trap for him? Preposterous! ___ ... Falling from the grace of an aristocratic family, Shera Black's view of the world crumbled along with her state of mind. How does it feel to lose everything overnight? Heiress-turned-beggar? Unimaginable! The world was cruel... but it was much more cruel to her. Why?! Just because of some measly facts that were beyond her control and sins she didn't commit? And just when everyone thought she was done for... when they all thought she was on the brink of insanity or suicide, Shera Black unexpectedly rose right back up. Shera Black: Hello world, I'm back! Miss me already? World: Wait. Something's not right. She has become a villainess?! And this villainess was clearly not here to make friends. She was back to wreck harvoc and destroy the world! Not only that,.... She was pretty much done wrecking harvoc. Guess what's next? ... As the heir to the Qin Empire, everything was under his grasp. Yet Leo Qin would never have thought that the only thing he didn't predict was the calamity he had poked... and this calamity was coming his way. Looking at the female 'calamity' before him, he gritted his teeth and hissed. "Woman, you are playing with fire!" The calamity crossed her legs and glanced right back at him. "I am fire. How can I play with myself, Mr. Qin?" He looked at her crossed legs and frowned in disapproval. "Women shouldn't cross their legs." The woman leisurely tapped the armrest. "Oh? Are our legs too short to be crossed?" "It's disrespectful!" "Respect?" She looked at him curiously. "What's that?" Annoyed now, Leo Qin said, "If you continue being like this, no one will want to marry you!" But the woman just smiled evilly. "Who said I want to get married? Pfft, seriously, who still does that?" Leo Qin was speechless. God, can we have a chat? I don't want this woman anymore!!! Brace yourselves: Vicious Female lead. You may want to prepare yourselves for some of those things female leads don't usually do NOTE: THIS IS A SYSTEM BOOK ... Editor: May May ___ Discord: tinyurl.com/Avalorian Instagram: Avalorian_

Avalorian_ · Contemporary Romance
Mi amor: unexpected love

Mi amor: unexpected love

"You are mine and I'm not going to let anyone have what's mine." She looked at him and scoffed "I'm not yours. You are just so full of yourself. Don't put a tag on me." "You are mine. Forever mine" he spat out and strode off ................. Meet Anabella Li, the CEO of New Haven fashion. She's a paragon of beauty. A true definition of bold and beautiful. Tired of moving round the same cycle decided to move out of her comfort zone to another country for a while. To mingle well with people unawares of her identity putting on a low profile and also in search of love. Dylan Chen, the cold and stoic CEO of the Chen conglomerate. Handsome and very poisonous if you mess with him. Doesn't believe in love but what will happen when he meets our gorgeous female lead. A cold and arrogant man with a social butterfly? This is my own work. it's original, pls support me since I'm entering the sprinty award contest. Also check out my other book. Enchantia: eternal love dynasties (fate of Chengru)

Bethy01 · Contemporary Romance
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