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One day, Sophie finds herself in a dark forest in immense pain. She was betrayed by her loved ones and beaten black and blue. She lost consciousness but was saved by a pair of good looking brothers. She got a second chance in life. She resolved to take revenge on those people who harmed her. What will happen to her? Will she be able to take revenge on those who hurt her? What will happen to her dream of conquering the world? Robert, Sophie's childhood best friend, was forced to separate from her despite trying hard to fight against the circumstances. He came to know about Sophie's circumstances after a long time. He tried hard to find her. Will he find his lost love? Or, will destiny separate them? Both will set out to conquer the world not knowing that destiny will bring them so close that her world will revolve around him. Sneak Peak: “You, monster!” “What happened? My dear wifey, are you sore?”, he chuckled. “Don’t act innocent. Come here and massage my lower back. It’s your punishment.”, she grumbled. “Hey, how did you find me guilty, dear wifey? It was you who asked for more.”, he smiled evilly. “You……… monster! Hmph! Don’t waste time. Massage fast”, she snorted. Discord Link : https://discord.gg/EgCuh9f

usha412 · Contemporary Romance

The Snake System

At four, Angelique learned that life wasn't fair. At four, Angelique learned that life wasn't kind. At four, she learned that if she wanted to survive in a cruel world beside her twin brother, Nathanael, she would need to be sneaky, crafty, and cunning like a snake. Well, it's quite fortunate that she has the Snake System to back her up. Warning: There will be depictions of child abuse and other mature themes. Please proceed with caution. Chapter Length: ~2000 words

PhoebeWang · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Living Like a Beast

"In the great forest lies a mystery, Something never heard or seen. Some say it's a beast, for many have been slaughtered by him. In the great forest lies a mystery. For some it was born from fear, Fast as the wind and with sharp claws, it's attack is so fiercing as a point of a spear. And for the ones who think get into the forest, that think this's just a tale, not history, remember that the pain from a throat cut is the sorest and the deeper jungle remains a mistery." A short-tale told by an old woman to a pair of children in their bedroom, at the border of the far west of Marteine Empire on the 4th season of the year 1466 a.M.

Felipe_Montel_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Last Amulet

In the grand Kingdom of Pereshwar, there lived a servant by the name of Nailah El Nour. Yep, that’s me. Having experienced the harsh reality of being a neglected bastard princess in a time where power struggles were most imminent, I decided to live my life under the radar as a servant. Most did not know that I, Nailah El Nour, was the last princess of the Pereshwaran Empire. Though this would normally have displeased any other noble girl, it rather benefitted me and my plans to escape. Living as a servant rather than a princess gave me a higher advantage and increased my rates for survival drastically. I was leading a very low-key and peaceful life until all the secrets about my family history started to get revealed. And, it all started with a very annoying crow. And to top off my very harsh struggles, the crow was none other than the crown prince of the Pereshwaran Empire, Calaf Abraha. Wary of my upcoming, the prince now is onto my case and has kept me under his radar but he doesn’t know that I am a lost princess of the previously fallen empire. My very existence poses a huge threat to the new kingdom, and I can under no circumstance fall into their hands. Now, as I struggle to keep my identity a secret, I also have to deal with this very cold and infuriating prince from invading my personal life. As I start to reveal my hidden powers and more secrets of the Pereshwaran empire, I start to reveal more of myself and the powers that longed to be let out.

_bazziieeee_ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings