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Murder the Mountains - A Dark Fantasy LitRPG

Murder the Mountains is a dark fantasy LitRPG in the vein of games like Dark Souls and Planescape Torment. Matt’s life is in limbo, so he has nothing but time to waste playing videogames. Enter cult gaming sensation, Cannibal Hymn: A punishing multiplayer RPG set in a grim world conjured from the imagery of Ancient Central and South America. The Yunka Coast is a colorful and macabre land of sand and surf, barren dunes, mysterious ruins, blood-crazed gods, eldritch liches, ferocious beasts, brutal headhunters, exotic cultures, feudal politics, weird psychedelic drugs, and treasure-littered tombs. But there's something sinister beneath the surface... The game's development team turned up dead in a grizzly murder-suicide before release, strange glitches don't seem random, and Matt's friend, Jess, has gone missing. In order to find her, Matt must progress through the game and uncover its mysteries, persevering through constant set-backs, and slaying his way through what or whoever gets in his way. The MC starts from the bottom and must struggle his way to cutting down the gods and seizing control of the game’s PVP economy and political structure. Meanwhile, the story of the world is told through lore and environmental storytelling, and something dark and unsettling stalks Matt’s day to day life.

Goblin_Nun · Video Games
Not enough ratings