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Willow Tear

A 14 (may change) year old girl and her little brother, get dragged on a journey by a 16 year old boy assigned to keep her safe so that she can fulfill her role as a main character and stop some bad sterf from happening or fixing the bad sterf that already happened. She has brown hair and green eyes. The last wish of a Willow Tree sculpted into the form of a human girl? Will there be a romance between her and her protector? Can he also train her for her duty? What the f actually is that duty? Is it even his job? Even I am unsure at this point of the story. Yeah I'm not sure how I want this to turn out so prepare for the rollercoaster full of constantly changing plot and some weird crap. Btw it won't let me add a cover. I'll keep trying though.

TreshaLeFoxy ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings