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VTaker - It's Good to Pluck a Maiden into a Dungeon (R-18 SMUT)

A random guy die and reincarnated after acquire a special skill and seek for his new chance to just strive for one and unique goal. Create a harem and taste every kind of girls in the fantasy world. ----- CONTENT WARNING This series is rated by me MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading. (Or not, if you want to read something no common) This series contains scenes of GORE and VIOLENCE. This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes. You have been warned. ----- Disclaimer!!! 18+ with everything in dark fantasy. Hero is Chaotic Good tendency. Super Pervert lead character. I have no idea where the story can go. No serious moral. Possible bad thing like rape or not. I don't want a guy who is virtuous and self-sacrifice. I prefer making someone who can be the hero badass nemesis and womanizer. I descript sometime event of thing with something similiar in other game and fiction.

Heroy ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings