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The Mischievous Maiden & The Sleeping Prince

The Mischievous Maiden & The Sleeping Prince

[COMPLETED] "THE PRINCE IS NOT DEAD!" her words, in front of the court, sealed her fate... Leaving Holstein is impossible, now! Ghosts and Princes want Alexa! From the first moment Magnus von Wuttenfal met Alexa, he knew she was a liar and a problem. Who’s that girl and why his cold heart pumps so fast for her? Since Alexa laid eyes on the exasperating First Prince of Holstein, she knew she should keep a distance. Not only he’s sharp-tongued, entitled, and incredibly sexy, but he’s about to marry the kind Lady Cordelia! Does the First Prince Magnus, think of her as a mere toy... or an actual threat? Or something else? The fact she was born with a peculiar gift, and raised as someone else, shall not come to light. Her sad past full of betrayal and pain cannot be unveiled to anyone. Never! Torn between Prince Alexander and Prince Magnus, living and dead, her past and her future, will she love and be loved in return? Or will she once again be used and discarded? ------------------------ "Why... did you do that?" "Well, that was when I regretted acting like a bad son and a vile man, and before God. I had to take responsibility, didn't I?" 'But what nonsense is that ?! It's not like you really put your… thing… into my… thingy….' "Oh! OHHHH! You want to use me so you don't marry your bride! You set everything up! From sending me to the maze to… up to…" "Having you in my arms, tasting your mouth as I did this peach?! Is that what you're stuttering on, Lady Saskia? This will be repeated ad infinitum when we get married. That and more." COMPLETED NOVEL! ------------------------ WARNING: HEAVY SUPERNATURAL ELEMENTS, GORE, DISTURBING THEMES, SLOW BURN ROMANCE, RICH-IN-STORY NOVEL! Discover one of the 10 best romance novels you will read on this site. Doubt me? Try it out hehehe. Now seriously. I hope you like this story. If you wish, please support this tale by voting, rating, and commenting. Your feedback on typos or bad grammar is welcomed and appreciated. --- Also, check MizA’s original novel: Never Date a Man in Pink

MizA · Historical Romance


To the country she was born to, she is Princess Le-anne, bastard child of the king. To the empire she is sold to, she is Lady Wei Li Lian... the traitorous spy. But who is she really? A beauty within her own right, all she ever wanted was a peaceful, ordinary life, maybe exploring and traveling the different lands while she was at it. But when she accidentally caught the eagle eye of her estranged royal father, he saw the potential in her and quickly made plans of his own for her. She was given a single mission: seduce the emperor of the enemy nation of Nevoria and become his empress for the betterment of her own country. Simple, right? She only had to train and excel at everything since an early age. Then once reaching the proper age, make her way through Nevorian court, all the while dodging the vipers of the harem, sending secret missives to her nation, scheming her way to the throne, etc. It was as easy as that. But why didn't anyone warn her how difficult it would be to deal with the enigmatic emperor? They can't go a single day without one triumphing over the other in every sense. All that she had prepared and trained for flew out of the window whenever she stared into those pair of flirtatious, amused eyes that masked the cold, sinister intention behind them. Was it too late to back out now? ____________________________________________ Editor: Foenix

Sunset_Vermont · Historical Romance


Parallel meet? That's impossible. Yeah, that was impossible. I am Zabel Azalin. Parallel are lines that are always together but never can never meet each other, how sad this story can be? As I walked towards the bathroom door I already feel something suspicious. Something different. As I look to the mirror reflection, I didn't see myself. But a guy, with the same color as me. With a jet black hair and good toned body. Does he see me or not? It doesn't matter, what matter is what is going on. The whole world stop turning, the clock stop ticking, people stop moving, time has stopped for this moment. The moment we break science and math. The moment no one could explain but the one who witnessed it. For the first time in history, a two different dimension has collide. A parallel line have met. A parallel universe merge into each other. It all started with this mirror, a mirror who reflect two different lives, two different stories, two different incidents, two different genders, two different histories. A mirror where all these creepy impossible romance. A mirror where I met him. Parallel.

Achiyana · Fantasy Romance
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