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Lusty Demon King: Mango

Yu Wu, a lustful Demon King sealed in a forgotten land, suddenly regains his freedom after the Seal of Gods weakens for an 'unknown reason.' --- HAND OVER YOUR STONES, OR YU WU WILL BREAK YOUR BONES!

EternalLemming · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Where I Sleep

It's the year 447, of the Second Era. The Era of the Gods. Saph Amaranth's eyes hurt, and a strange book is now sitting in his bookshelf. On his left are dangerous cults and on his right are raving gods. Death is always around the corner, but for Saph Amaranth, perhaps death is only the beginning. This is a teaser for a novel I'm working on. The novel will only be continued once my current novel is finished.

Across_The_Street · Fantasy
Not enough ratings