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My Idle Immortal Path

Lin Hang never thought he would be able to cultivate become an Immortal. He thought his path to immortality would be arduous and full of hardship. But, the truth is always surprising to know. You have broken Spiritual Roots? No problem, you could refine it yourself till Divine Roots. You have worst aptitude in cultivation? No problem, there is Heavenly Book that upgrade yours. You have a small Sea of Spirits and its absorbtion is too slow? No problem, there is Mantra. You afraid of Heaven Tribulation would struck you? No problem, there is pill for every realm tribulation. You don't have skill to do that? No problem, each level of skill is compiled in one book. This is My Idle Immortal Path. _______________ Donate Link: https://linktr.ee/RyuzakiRIN

PathfinderForest ยท Fantasy
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