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Someone Like You.

Arrey Caryl Cordel is my name. I am a big fan of Kim Taehyung. I am also like the others out there who broke the golden rule. the admirers who violated the golden rule were destroyed by the heart. I already knew that, but what can I do if I break it? I love him as a man but .. i know that he love me as a Fan. He's my ideal Man but I'm not his Dream girl. But I will do everything I can to make him like me

PurpleMarga · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Frist Trip

small sci-fi story how love can to existence to a planet called l'amor How beautiful it is , the journey to two lover how they created a symbol of love guys do vote me and let me know how my story is

vipul_choudhary · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings