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Playing Illustrados Game

Every girls’ dream is to become popular and known for being beautiful. But in an imaginary world of demoiselle there’s a teenager girl who never dreams this kind of stuff. Well, she’s purely living on it the way everyone wants to— and her name, is Kazel Claudio Flores. She’s the first ever Filipino social media influencer that gained the prestigious red diamond play button of a video streaming site for her record-breaking subscribers worldwide, at her early age. Having her incomparable beauty and wealthy environment, makes everything about her admirable by netizens. But in a span of seconds, her blissful life became havoc as she started to study in one of the top performing university in the Philippines and met the three renowned elite guys called as the “Illustrados”. Illustrados is a group of three charismatic elites, prominent for their humongous achievement in varieties of domain in the university. The Accomplish Board and Academic Rankings are bombarded by their names as they are possessing unreachable skills that cannot be surpasses by any ordinary students. Brylle is an academic wizard, Jameson is an art enthusiast, and Hendrex is a national athlete. But, one thing about them that makes it hard to contend is their dreadful game. A game that no one in the university easily achieves the triumph against them and only least of them tried to, but still end up with the consequences— it simply involves, life over death. A coincidence happened, and their worlds collide in an apace of time. Among all freshmen that receives an invitation to play against the senior elites, only Kazel accepted the offer. Simply because, she really thinks it’s cool as a subject for her new vlog. Little did she know, her life is now underneath the pitfall invokes by Illustrados’ game.

brderluwi · Teen
Not enough ratings