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Brightest Star

Self-Amusement Writing. Living sounds more miserable than dying to Castor Ennad. Yet he persisted on with the hope of achieving his long-time dream---to be the brightest star in the acting industry. Living and experiencing through so many lives, Castor had matured and lost many of his childish side. No longer believing in luck and destiny. For where was luck when he needed it to somehow survive the poisoning. Where was it when he needed to escape the scandals and the arrows? For what had destiny done for him when all he got from life was bad luck and miserable endings where he never once reached his goal? He will go against destiny, he will rip apart his fate with his actions. He will rewrite his story with his out of the world acting skills, gained from the wisdom, experience, and passing of his many lives. Watch as he welcomes with open arms his new life and his new fate that will be different than the past!

MidnightSweet ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings