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The Imperfect Hidden World

Azalea Lee isn't just a normal girl. She is the heiress of the largest corporation based in both America and China. Everyone believes that she has the perfect life however unknown to the outside world, under the cold mask she portrays, under that strong demeanor she has a secret that she never told anyone before. Where society calls this secret Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple personality disorder, Azalea finds this as a weakness that cannot be discovered. However is it really something that must be kept a secret or is it just something that makes her who she is. Salvador Castillo the CEO of Sigma, a rival of the Lee corporation is a man who is known as the devil with no weakness and no emotions have taken interest in Azalea Lee. Through his attempts on getting closer to her, he finds sometimes suspicious and dedicates his time to unveiling Azalea's multiple masks and figure out who she really is.

sinyeanfang ยท Teen
Not enough ratings