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To Hate Ice-cream

Tender , jovial youngest and only daughter of Nevada Owen and Gesa Owen; Shreya Yuki Owen have been obedient through out the process of growing up. Until she felt that her family become distant as their Ice-cream parlor shop made a name internationally. Despite of how hard she tried to pursue her goals , all that she get is a disappointment look from their faces. Until she decided to make a move in straightening out family affairs in the household.  Gesa Owen , her mother used her as a shadow puppet. Yet Shreya on the other hand did not allow her own family to destroy the ambition she wanted for this family. Little by little seeing that her keen senses is helpful , their families secrets will be exposed. Unexpectedly, hardships will rise , a new pace of her life will change drastically when a 1000 years old comet opened a portal from Xia Dynasty , 1000 years way back to history. A typical American woman , Shreya Yuki Owen got transmitted and will be a daughter of a disloyal bureaucrat in China. She will learn the ways of Chinese people, experiencing another family affairs to unfold , and something interesting will awaken back her true smile aside from hating ice-cream. 

Write_D_Words · Historical Romance