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My Native Wife 2:Jason and Lara [Tagalog Completed]

My Native Wife 2:Jason and Lara [Tagalog Completed]

How really important it is to follow even the simplest of instruction? Well, it could mean life and death. Lara Sandoval, a newbie journalist slash meticulous woman was assigned to cover her first ever magazine show in Benguet. The supposed to be work with pleasure turned to be a disaster. Her life became miserable after she disobeyed the simplest of instruction. And the only way to get away from the mess was to marry a marrying age man in the clan. However somewhere middle of it the man fell in love with her but she just wanted to pretend to save her career. ✔This story is a sequel to My Native Wife. ⓓDISCLAIMER: This story is not intended to publicize someone's life. Please be informed that I created this based on my wildest imagination. Again and again, THIS STORY IS MERELY A FICTION. Like this story on Facebook! ⓕ http://www.facebook.com/mynativewife

AZKHA · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings