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His Wicked Gaze and Dirty Ways: Psycho Boss From Hell

She felt his warmth right behind her before she felt him press his chin to her delicate shoulder. His breath scorching her ear. His hands held her waist snug. "If your loosing hope because you think you wont make out of this alive, please don't." "Don't lose your strength, it is what I love about you, your fight..." "So fight for what you love. I would hate to see you lose your hope on life..." "-After all, where's the fun in killing a soul when it has no will to live, right?" With that the cold tip of his tongue licked her already very warm earlobe. Though startled, she kept her posture straight and her eyes forward not wavering a bit. Successfully burying her urge to turn around and bite him to hell. She knew a wicked smirk was on his face, it was practically in his voice. He chuckled as if he just cracked a funny joke. "Now be a good little secretary and go get me a latté. You know how I like it, right? Hot." ------- A billionaire following his own kind of twisted Creed, suddenly finds himself fallen into a dilemma of epic proportions; a dilemma with a beautiful face. All she had to do, was take an ill-fated yet innocent peek of curiosity, to find herself come face to face with a man and his secret; A man she believes is a devils incarnate on this earth. But here's the interesting part; he believes he's the God's incarnate on this earth. What happens when they play a game of cat and mouse and build worlds of lies and deceptions, traps and tricks for each other. Will it work for either one of them? Will one win and the other lose? Or will they chase after each other until they forget the purpose of their hatred towards one another and finally give in to their desires...for each other. WarningX May contain 18+ content, including strong language, maybe blood and X-rated scenes ------- Regular updates (hopefully) hehe I'm new here on webnovel so please help me get thru stuff and perhaps a little motivation? =》 love, Nuna

DaisyDuckNunaStuck · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Forever Tied to Him

I didn't think I was possible to be tied to him. I mean at first it was love at first sight. He made me happy in anyway you could imagine until... "You're never leaving my side Sydney! You belong to me! Understand!" I didn't know what came over him. He was what I would of called the perfect boyfriend to show my family and friends, except he replied, "No male friends are allowed near you or male family friends! Only myself is!" Hi my name is Sydney Stone, and yes I'm a boy! But one thing for sure was I didn't realise my boyfriend could tie me to him for the rest of my life.

BooTheGhost · Fantasy
Not enough ratings