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Fairy Hunter (Fairy Tail X Hunter X Hunter Crossover AU Fanfiction)

An alternate universe crossover fanfiction between HunterXHunter and Fairy Tail. This is a story between two people destined for each other but is caught between family feud. A girl that is entrusted to protect a family heirloom that contains a very powerful key to open the dragon's gate and unleash wrath upon the earth and to protect it against the spider clan. A boy who's tasked to eliminate the dragon clan and to secure the weapon and restore their clan and regain their title in the elite clans. Everything started as a normal high school life story until reality revealed the painful truth about their identities and duty. Will the love they have destroy everything they had or will it restore peace and order in the system? Join in the fun of uncovering their adventurous journey as they battle against love, school, friends, family and themselves. HunterXHunter characters belong to Yoshihiro Togashi. FairyTail characters belong to Hiro Mashima.

Yuki_Takahashi_7125 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Hunter to Ninja

↳ In which Killua Zoldyck gets sent to the Ninja world

Nariah_Wilson · Fantasy
Not enough ratings