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Aibanu: The moon lady

Celine, a high school teenager was sold by her mother to an arrogant, cold man who claims her to be his mate. Her life takes a complete 180 degree turn as she enters a pack, that provides her with love and comfort, ruled by her mate who despised her for reasons that were not even due to her fault. Damein, the alpha of the strongest pack. After losing his parents at the hands of cruel human beings, he despised the entire humankind. Little did he expect that his mate would turn out to be a weak human being. And then, there is the prophecy of the birth of Aibanu. What will happen to this couple!? Will Damien accept her? Who is this Aibanu? How will it affect the entire werewolf community? Read the book to know the answer

Artemisphoenix ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings