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The Cost of Immortality.

What would you do if you where grated Immortality? Some may think of it is a blessing and others a curse. This all depends on perspective, if you were granted a choice to be immortal but at a great cost, what would you do? Well, meet Rob, just your average nerd who fantasizes about immortality and was actually granted it! But in exchange, he has to destroy the worlds of his Masters Rival. */I don't want to spoil too much, but this Is basically a story about an average guy being sent to another world(Magic based) and only granted a unique type of immortality, in exchange he has to destroy the world. The novel is about how he goes about this and how he overcomes various challenges in order to do so.*/ /*It will be a slow start as I want this to be as realistic as possible (It's obviously difficult to destroy a world without being OP), he starts with nothing and has to overcome many different challenges in order to achieve his goal. */ *All suggestions and ideas about the book are welcome!! If you spot any issues in a chapter please let me know so I can update it I will try release 4-10 chapters a week from Monday to Friday, this can change depending on how busy I am at work.* *The cover image is not mine, all credit goes to the creator, If you would like me to remove it, please let me know*

JustGo · Fantasy

Saved by An Angelic Demon

Her family died due to car accident. Hasegawa Fuyu grew up in a foster home and she was once a happy and cheerful child. When she reached the legal age, the foster parents she thought who loves her finally adopted her. Problems started when her inheritance was forced to be taken by her new parents. Her mother spent the money on buying expensive and high-end collections such as bags, clothes and makeups while her father got addicted to gambling and lost the money on a famous casino. These stressed her too much and it is diagnosed that her eyes and brains are getting affected until she turned blind. She quit work and went back to her old home which is owned by her real family. She has no blood-related relatives and she started living alone until she met a friend and she has been introduced to a government organization that helps the blind like her. She is receiving monthly allowance from them in exchange of making little things like bracelets. She is having a peaceful life until a man named Okada Hikaru saved her from taking her own life.

cosmicwitch0216 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Mr.Grumpy's Little Criminal

 A young convicted serial killer is sent to be humanized by werewolves. Would she and the others submit to the wolves or will she and the others drive them crazy? Read to find out.  -Updated every week-                       This is a book about a crazy human psychotic girl vs the werewolves. It only takes one bad day to make you lose your mind.   Please don't copy my book in any way, shape, or form. I don't want this book to be translated into any other languages because that will still be copying. Trigger warnings; Self-harm, Violence, Death, Strong language, Abuse, Suicide, and More, please don't read it, if you can't stand dark-themed Books.  Previously named Mathilda Blues

SunllMoon23 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

American Beauty Tale of Gypsies

From the Shadow of the Valley, comes a spin off from the characters Selene and Roku. This tale dives into the culture of werewolves. A tale that started back in a place further from home. A boy she remembers yet also forgets. Three years after returning to America, Selene finally finishes out her years as a college student, gearing up to graduate in her final and fourth year to complete a Bachelors in Art Sciences. She’s set to graduate in three months in the state of Washington. The streets are quiet in her home neighborhood, but the city nights are always busy. Everything was going fine. She had her father’s support, she was living in an apartment down in a city forty miles from Seattle and she drew quietly at home and went to school by day. She didn’t even have to work so long as she had good grades, her father would pay her way. Then an unusual quiet night on campus sparked her curiosity. As the college closed up for the close of the quarter, she noticed them wandering the grounds. Four figures were hunched over at the fountain, one of them laughing loudly. She didn’t usually pay any mind till she caught the reflection of one of their eyes, casting a yellow gaze back at her that shook her. A familiar look she couldn’t place. She drew in closer, her voice timid to call out to them. Why did he come to mind? What happened to him after she was shot? She hardly could recall. Her mind was fuzzy with questions, but she began to notice more now that the group was either looming closer to her or she was drawing herself closer to them. When she got to them, the realization of what she did finally came to mind. This wasn’t the type of can of worms she should have opened. Why couldn’t she just remember to stay away?!

Diana_H_Forst · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings

Birth of the Living Sun

Kanata is a 16 year old orphan. Born on the side of the world showered in magic, godly blessings, demonic curses, heroes and heroines, Kanata has none of it. He never knew his parents, but he does work hard in what he can do. Shunned for his lack of magic, Kanata has to survive in the world that stomps on those who lack "potential" and favor those with it. His goal? Not to prove himself worthy, not to gain a massive harem(he hates those), not some revenge story, not looking for his parents. Kanata just wants to protect himself and find peace in a secluded area.

jojojajahelp · Fantasy
Not enough ratings