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A admirable but mysterious solicitude arises in the life of a muslimah, Maryam Hayat, when she is onto the dwindling scams of her life thrust. Indeed, she inbounds to seek refuge in Allah against all the wrongs, angst, and affliction. Being truthful and respectful to all, whether sentient or lifeless, present in nature, she resolves to ascertain there-on the utmost beaty of life, Love, as a present from Allah(s.w.t.) for her benign and humble self, for her delectable presence. Please be a part to this bond unless you feel irked with, for its gonna cover sanctified points and chaste thoughts of an individual's cause to live, indeed, by the permit of Allah. Welcome to my world of imagination. Hoe you enjoy!

Feriha_Ahmed_An ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings