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The Light is Dark

A stylishly dressed gorgeous woman in a long sleek red dress with heels sat on a chair with a cigarette dangling in her hands spoke " In a world where sometimes the light is dark and the dark is light... Who can really be trusted? And who can you really judge? In a city where a thief steals from the rich to feed his sick daughter, or the rich who earns this money by selling guns to feed their family Who is wrong and who is right? That my dear is the real question, Is it not? ". There in the darkest corner of the small but fancy room stood a devilishly handsome man as he chuckled at what the women said, he spoke in his deep voice as he said. " Mmm it depends, did the thief steal more than what was required for his sick daughter? and did he actually try to work to earn the money or was he forced to steal, the rich may have sold guns to feed their family but don't other families also need to feed themselves it's clearly not like every family sells guns and what about the consequences of those guns being sold on the market then, who's lives would those guns then take? Light and dark can never be equal because either would outweigh each other." he finished saying as his lips curled up into a devilish smile as his pearly white teeth showed on his handsome face, even when it was so dark in the room the women could still see his face, her long eyelashes flickered as her lips curled into a smirk as she spoke in a pleasant but firm voice " Well Your Wrong. Because just as the light is dark, So is the dark light and sometimes all you need is a push to turn the light dark and the dark into light but there is always a balance otherwise that push would never be required in the first place So now tell me, Mr. Darius King are you the dark or light? " She said as her head titled in a questioning manner while her eyes started twinkling with amusement.

Fluffypie123 ยท Teen
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