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Sing Me A Song, My Lovely.

I run, my abdomen hurting and my lungs burning. A path. A fucking two-way path. I decide to go right hoping for the best, but the universe takes a giant shit on me. A dead end. I hear a sinister laugh echoing off the walls right behind me. I turn swiftly my hair flying with my actions. He stands there. So far, but yet he's so close. A face-off. A preditor, and his prey. He eyes me up and down ready to pounce. Ready to mark me as his once, and for all. He's hazed, and nothing can stop a hazed alpha. His lust showing in his hooded eyes. His lust for me, but I refuse to submit. That's what he likes about me, it's my blessing and my curse. He gives me that look. The look he gives me when he's thinking about all the things he's gonna do to me. I shiver in fear and excitement. Excitement because as much as I hate to admit it I really want to touch his abs. If you were me you'd want to touch his abs too. He's like a sex God, he reeks with sexuality. But he's nothing close to being an angel. He was more like the devil. I'd seen him with my own eyes, see how he is in action. He takes a step towards me, and I step back automatically. He smirks, "Are you afraid, Piccola cagna?" (Little bitch) I don't understand what he says. But it sounds like Italian. I stare him in the eye, "Fuck you." He growls, the sound echoing off every wall of the dark, wet alley. "What the fuck did you just say to me, human?" "I said, fuck you, Piccola Cagna." ( Little bitch) That's when he snaps. •°•°•°•°• A story about a girl living in a world where the impossible is possible. Vampires and witches rule the grasslands, werewolves and fairies rule the forest, mermaids and other fish rule the sea, god the heavens, and the devil the underworld. humans are at the bottom of the food chain, and they say the only safe place is a place called Eden where everyone can have refuge. Rumor or not she decides to risk it even if it means death just to leave the wretched place. ⚠️Warning: Dark Romance⚠️

LovelyMe130 · Teen
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