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Shattered_An Innocent Wife

Shattered_An Innocent Wife

Sydney Brown lives in a beautiful county in the USA which is famous for its farms, fields and beautiful sceneries. She is going to be 18 years old but her birthday is a nightmare for her. Because that day she will be wedded to a 49-year-old man. She once used to be apple of her fathers' eye but after his murder, she is the personal maid of Blake's daughters. She once happy and carefree but now her nightmares haunt her. She once was called the cutest kid of her town but now with dark circles and malnourished body, she is just the shadow of the beauty she once used to be. She once only worried about her math but now she is afraid of beatings and cursing. She once used to see the dreams of a bright future but now she bears a death wish. Noah Miller, 26, is one of the richest in States. Runs a billion-dollar tech company but soon going to be inherited Miller Enterprise making him the sole influential person in the region. He is not very social. So, he is always a mystery to the world. Everyone who knows him knows that he treasures his privacy most. He is known for his calculative ways but nowadays he is on a road trip. Each town is somehow connected to Miller Enterprise. Every girl in those towns is crazy about his arrival and gonna wear their best dress. Seems like a love story? Think again.

The_AshlehQueen ยท Contemporary Romance