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My Darling Succubus

Is_a_bell_9053 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Happy Haunting!

An anthology series that takes place all on the same night if Halloween. separated into five separate parts, (One story a week until the 31st) Happy Haunting Is a horror series that could give you shivers or make you laugh. It depends. Week 1: The Bed - Instead of going to her crush's big Halloween party, A teenage girl must babysit her younger brother who claims there is a monster under his bed. Week 2: The Grave - A group of teenagers gathers in a cemetery to honor the life and death of a woman who mysteriously disappeared 50 years before. Week 3: The Man - While Trick Or Treating with his friends, a Young boy notices a masked man following him every step he goes. Week 4: The Gathering - A nerdy girl spies on the popular girls and discovers their dark secret. Week 5: The Moon - A teenager is about to get the scare of his life after he eggs his neighbor's house. No matter how strange, All stories are connected. See if you can find how they intertwine.

Hihodough · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings