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Monster Loyalties

MONSTER LOYALTIES prologue it all started when a wealthy man's wife called Danielle died . my governor refuses to watch , His young little lady turn into a monster. Mr. David koresh whose position in the country was highly recommend , as the governor he has to be steady to his position. And his stephenie is being hard to handle, he had to get married again for her to get a mother's love . knowing the type of daughter he had , in the outside world she at times forgets her human altruism ' which made and kept him in the position he is right now. Watch out ..... as the both families meets . will the two single family go separate ways or not....??. As the extravagant of life takes over after an incident that occurred will the hatred, difficulty in binding fade or last for ever . stephanie and Olivia meeting becomes unexpected and delusion of the tempting beauty of Olivia always makes stephanie jealous. watch as they both becomes two lovely souls. please read more to find out....

Ahm_Queen ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings