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Changing fate

Meet Mary Evans: senior in high school, can go along with people well, not too popular and not an anti social too, doesn’t like to lie or the people who lies, has 2 inseparable friends, serious in studies at some point, good at art, good at pretending, has tomboy-ish personality along with girly. And meet mysterious Elias Brown: school’s outcast or….. School’s admirer? Well for this answer…. Lets divide the school in 2 groups. 1 – populars 2 – commoners. Populars mocks and sneer at him at every chance they get viewing him as a social outcast. Just because he’s a virgin, doesn’t flirt with girls, don’t give a crap about populars, has looks that no popular has, stride with such a confidence even a teacher would start to doubt themselves. No wonder the populars would try to find a flaw in him and make him a social outcast. But only naïve person would call it a flaw. Whereas most commoners admires him secretly fearing the popular. The way of his speech… charming! Doesn’t look down upon people, doesn’t show his wealth, doesn’t think twice before helping the weak, doesn’t show arrogance towards commoners but towards populars he is just different. His background… mysterious! His family….. No idea! His best friend.. None or known to none! Nobody can get close enough to him to know him fully. When Mary Evans life accidentally stumble upon Elias Brown’s she start to pick up his very behavior. Not able to help herself his personality begins to enchant her in a most terrific way. She slowly starts to learn all the reason behind his unusual behavior. Never in the millions she had thought the answer to it can be this. Will the answer push her or pull her? Did he mean to keep it a secret? Or he never bothered explaining people? To know his secret and answers to every mystery join Mary in the book.

Minha357 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Ordinary Hannah

Terlalu biasa untuk menjadi peran utama, Carolina Hannah Alexander pernah memiliki masa lalu yang gemilang dan dikenal semua orang. Hingga kini yang tersisa hanya gema lirih yang membuat Hannah ingin lari sejauh mungkin agar tak mendengarnya lagi. Lika-liku kehidupan yang awalnya Hannah anggap sempurna tidak berjalan semestinya. Tidak ada jalan lain selain menghadapinya! Hannah harus terus berjalan dengan takdir baru yang akan menghanyutkannya ke lautan asing yang penuh misteri. Lautan kehidupan yang memusingkan melebihi integral tingkat tiga! Perjuangan mengejar cita-cita atau cinta? Hannah bertaruh untuk keduanya!

Channahs · Romansa Fiksi Ilmiah
Not enough ratings