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Imagine a world filled with prototypes of every race. A world brimming with Orcs, Humans, Elves, and other species beyond our reality. Welcome to Neverseen. The supremacy of humanity is unfamiliar in Neverseen. Men are slaughtered left and right, their lives in the hands of superior species. They are starved, tormented, and oppressed by the ruthless wild. One day the gods lament the state of the world and choose to correct the unfairness. They created a new race, modeled in their own image, where each individual is gifted with a portion of the power of a God. They were called Godsent: a race of perfect beings destined to change the state of the world. A century later, Arthur sets out on his journey to become the hero he'd always dreamed about. But is it possible for a mere orphan to rise in the barbaric world of Neverseen, or will his hopes and dreams scatter to ashes with his corpse? -------- This is an action-packed adventure filled with unique abilities and magic. Everything you ever liked about your favorite fantasy books you will find in here. If you like ‘Black Clover’ or ‘My Hero Academia’ Then I will promise you that this book is what you have been looking for!

MagneBP666 · Fantasy