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Naruto: The Dovah-nin

Naruto: The Dovah-nin

When you wake up as the Dovahkiin in the Narutoverse, a hundred shouts is enough to put the world on its knees.

UnsympatheticMoron · Fantasy
Homunculus Factory : My Monster Girl Tower

Homunculus Factory : My Monster Girl Tower

Ren is tired of not being able to follow his heart! Since a young age all he's wanted to do is have a harem so that he could be loved and adored. Unfortunately this plan was smashed with the realization that he couldn't become an adventurer! "Too short" "Too scrawny" "Who's unruly child is this?!" These were just a few of the things told to Ren as he pursued his dreams. Finally, after much toil and sweat he acquired the means to make his dream a reality, there's just one problem--he has to make his harem first. Join Ren Lightfoot as he embarks on a quest to build his own harem of monster girl homunculus'. **Release Schedule = 1 Chapter Weekly. Advanced chapters can be found here: https://linktr.ee/DreamOfRen **

DreamOfRen · Fantasy
Not enough ratings