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Forget Me, Not

Popular in highschool, captain of the swim team, academically inclined, and is almost loved by all. He seems like the perfect dream guy, the 'casanova' of Skaia High, the talented athlete... There's only one thing he struggles with accepting; relationships. With his arrogantly self-centered ego and the popularity that follows, he has barely any experience with real romance. At least until he finally encounters someone who challenges everything he thought he knew about himself; for the good and for the bad. This is the aftermath of what changed his mediocre life. From secret affairs to beckoning addictions, the truth about unpredictable love is here. The drama, the lust, and one heck of a love story about a guy who is inconsiderately unknown to the word itself... This is his how his story ends. -Cronus D. Ampora * * * * * DISCLAIMER: Mature topics are mentioned throughout the book such as; strong language, substance abuse, physical abuse, self-deprivation, depression, suicide, and death. If the topics make you uncomfortable or you're under the age of 15, it is at your own risk to read further. This disclaimer will be seen once in the book, no warnings of listed topics will be mentioned in advance. * * * * *

KannySenpai ยท Magical Realism
Not enough ratings