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Fractured Glass

Tana Graves thought she was ordinary. Until she found out she was an Eerie: one of the lucky few who can control an element. Since then, she's been trying to discover why the world so desperately needs someone who can control glass. (This isn't a romance story by the way. I have no idea why this is tagged as a romance novel)

r3bEL · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

HomeSick Cat

Zoey wants to be out in the world and work for herself. His family is mixed about the idea. In the end, Zoey went out in the world on her own without her family to guide her. She found a place to stay and work. She have got fired out of her job, she started to worry but she kept working hard. Though her luck was running dry. She was in need of a job and looked everywhere. As a job was given to her but a butler. She questioned the job at first but took it. As soon as she started working for Mr, Lynch things were very off, she ignored it and kept doing her tasks. She have been given a gift one she starts working, a light blue choker with a bell that rang with her steps. She was unaware of who was playing the strings until a girl revealed the truth.

Spirit_Link · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Illusion Island

Andrew Harley is trying to make it through his junior year of high school without his sweating disorder making him stand out. His brother had always told him it's his superpower, that he just needs to learn how to control it. It turns out he meant that literally. Follow Andrew as he gets thrown into an entirely new world...that his brother has known about his whole life. On an island where people only a few years older than him are in charge, can Andrew learn to control his disorder, especially if it's the only way to get his stranded friends home?

Musical_Olive · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings